Self Improvement

​Procedure for Self Improvement

Nowadays, there is a growing interest in self improvement techniques. There is a growing number of books, articles and websites dealing with these topics.

It seems that people are turning within them, to find the solution to their problems. They seek knowledge, techniques, workshops, lectures, and teachers, who can show them the way.

People are beginning to understand that self improvement can improve the quality of their lives.

The process of inner change requires inner work.

It is not enough to read articles and books. You also have to practice what you read. Inner change requires motivation, desire, ambition, perseverance and dedication.

When you starting with a self improvement program, it is common to encounter inner resistance that comes from your old habits and from your subconscious mind, and also resistance and opposition from the people around you.

The desire to change, build new habits and improve oneself must be strong enough to resist laziness, the desire to give up, and the fear and ridicule of opposition from family, friends or colleagues.

A simple procedure

In my own little perception to gain self improvement is to Maximize your strengths.
Take what you learned in your self reflection and then improve your strengths. The process of self development doesn’t have to be negative, in fact, it should amplify your unique gifts so that you can share them with the world.
Work through your weaknesses.
It is important, however, to address your weaknesses. Sometimes the best way to work through old issues is engaging in therapy or life coaching. If you only maximize your strengths, then you may be able to get by in life, but you’ll never experience the deepest fulfillment that every person deserves.

Make the most of yourself…for that is all there is of you



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