The Sky is Your Beginning…


I came to realize the situation in life that there are many people who do not discover who they really are before executing their first plan in life. He who fails to plan definitely plan to fail. Before you will set up your plans, discover who you really are because your plan must base on your ability. Every human is gifted, well bless and extremely endowed from God. It is now left for every living soul to discover who they really are, and how to make very good use of what has been given to them by God.
Never look down on yourself, be creative and always have strong mindset. ‘’No one can ever overcome anything in life until his/her thoughts are creative and positive’’. Look at yourself very well there is something you can do and others out there cannot do. Never allow the circumstances in life to determine your fate. The question now is who are you? What are you doing with the marvelous abilities and extra ordinary gift almighty God has given to you?
It’s time to discover who you really are because there is no limitations in every condition you find yourself either you are able or disable. Since you are bodily disable not mentally disable then you can make it. Never be like an eagle who stays in the midst of chicken and grows up with them, as we all known the chicken flies a little.
Everyone has his/her gift and well endowed as I said earlier, it is just left to you to discover what you have and work towards it and never allow circumstances to pull you back because it will limit you in some ways. A man who lost his legs could have accepted his limitation but instead he returns to the city to become a champion weight lifter, marathon runner also a television actor. His being handicap never hindered rather it was incentive.
Discover your talents, works toward it, have a positive mind so you can reach the world and showcase the ability in your disability. Always believe you can do it with the help of God. You are an eagle not a chicken don’t live the life of a chicken.


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