This is first thing I have on my list for this year. This year will be my last year at college if things work out as planned and I pray to God to grant me all my wishes. As soon as I am done at school I can start working as teacher/tutor, wherever, because I have not aim at place yet.


I want to go for more adventures this year, like Owu fall, hiking trip, Erin-Jesa fall e.t.c. I wanna spend more times in nature this year.


I wish I could have more post by the end of this year, as this year contains 52 weeks I should have more than 52 posts on my blog. I am so proud of myself to start this blog and I will never give up. I have many dreams and I got many challenges as well but I will never give up no matter what life brings.


I wish to get a conducive apartment after my graduation unlike this student’s hostel. I love cool environments preferably where green plants are for natural breeze.


I want to buy another computer system because this my HP has old and the battery has weak, so I have to get another one to help me with my blog and other things I will have to use computer for.

This are my simple goals for the year, this year is a year to move forward and to work towards m dreams. I think it is very important to write down your goals for the year, and this is the first time I am actually doing that. Its been one month and things are going great. & hopefully, they will continue that way by God grace.

Write down your goals and keep working towards it. Success is yours

Comment your goals; I would love to hear from you. Love you all



      1. Bashir my goals, ok in short proper maintain my blog, travell in India( at least one trip in one month), and tha aim is want to start my own business( firstly on small level) these are main goals in 2018.


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