Good morning everybody,

Life are full of challenges and difficulties, it is now up to you the way you handle them. If you handle your challenges in a way that does not suitable for such challenges and you are unable to overcome it, I will advise you to change the style you are using to handle those challenges.

You can change your style by Recreating your ideas, Think again and again to choose the best suitable idea for your challenges. As you all know that there is no way we would not face challenges in life and we must overcome it to prosper in life but many people find it so difficult to overcome their challenges and they keep turning at a point, how can they move forward in life when they stick at a point? I have always being worried when I see many people have seen 5 years ago and they still remain at the same position till this moment. I always wonder why? Are they not good enough in what they are doing? they didn’t discover themselves? Or is it because they don’t know perfect solutions to their problems? I guess either of these 3 questions might be the best questions to their life. You can also ask yourself these three questions and give answer to it.

Add/Change your work: yes! Change your work because if your into a certain work/job for long time maybe 5 years and things are still remain the same I will advise you to change your work and double your struggle because if good care is not taking you will remain static all your life. Adding to your work gives you more income and it will really help in achieving your goals sooner.

Relocate: this is another way to change many things in your life, when you discover where you are does not suitable for you then choose the best place for yourself.

Choose the best skill: choose the best out of the skills you got is very important to achieve your goals sooner. When you choose the best skill for yourself, your challenges would be easy to overcome and if you don’t choose what you good at you will experience more difficulties.


Thank you for stopping by, your comments would be appreciated

Here is 5am in Nigeria, it’s time for Solat (prayer) see you later.



  1. Bashir, What a great sentiment to have! I like to think about what you talk about here as styles, as tools. Then I can build a toolkit of lots of different useful ideas and models for the world and for problems. I have a few of the ones I use on my own blog, actually. I wonder what you might think of them!


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